Plastic Surgery Center
Maria Sowa-Molska, MD
Marek Molski, MD, PhD

Plastic Surgery Center Warsaw, Zajaczka Street Zoliborz Surgery Center -
01-510 Warsaw
11th Zajaczka St.
phone +48 695 383 338
phone +48 22 331-07-32

Plastic Surgery Center Warsaw Marszalkowska Street Srodmiescie Surgery Center -
01-514 Warsaw
84/92nd Marszalkowska St.
phone +48 609 466 112
phone +48 22 621-66-26

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Welcome to Malia Plastic Surgery Center
Maria Sowa-Molska MD
Marek Molski, MD, PhD

Surgery Center We invite you to visit our Center and find out what we can do for you. Our specialists will select the best possible solution from the range of aesthetic dermatology or plastic surgery treatments that will allow them to achieve the stunning effects comparable to natural beauty.

All our plastic surgery specialists are members of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, while our dermatology specialists belong to the Polish Society of Dermatology. We actively participate in European and world congresses concerning our fields of interest. Working together, we offer our patients a comprehensive care in the area of surgery, dermatology and especially aesthetic medicine, with the use of new and safe methods.

We believe that beautiful appearance is your calling card. It affects both personal and professional life and boosts our self-esteem. A plastic surgery is often the only way to restore the person's joy of life. In order to address various needs of our clients, we offer a wide range of service including plastic surgery, dermatology and vascular and general surgery.

Plastic surgery is our main speciality and we take pride in our numerous successful treatments. Blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, facelift, ear corrections, breast surgery, abdominoplasty and lip enhancement are routine procedures in our hands! Our highly skilled specialists will select the best options of achieving the desired results and enhance your natural beauty. Many years of experience guarantee the highest quality of service. Plastic surgeries offered in our Warsaw Centers do not only reduce effects of aging, but also correct facial and body defects. We combine traditional and newest methods in order to offer the highest level of professional help and care. What we would like to give our patients is safe and comfortable plastic surgery service of the highest world standards. We provide perfect conditions for post-operative recovery as well as further home care to ensure the best results of our treatments.

Our activity
We perform procedures from the range of aesthetic surgery, mostly. These operations eliminate effects of aging and correct facial and body defects.

We perform body contouring through liposuction. Facial Fat Grafting becomes more and more popular in achieving the effect of face rejuvenation. It is a new method, which is regarded by our patients as exceptionally beneficial. In case of hand surgery, the majority of procedures are performed by an excellent specialist in the area of reconstructive surgery and microsurgery - Marek Molski, MD, PhD. In the range of general surgery treatments we operate hernias and varicose veins. We also offer a non-operative treatment of varicose veins by endovenous obliteration. We perform also a range of laryngological treatments, such as nasal septum corrections, polyp removal, maxillary sinus surgery and tonsillectomy. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of aesthetic dermatology treatments.