Plastic Surgery Center
Maria Sowa-Molska, MD
Marek Molski, MD, PhD

Plastic Surgery Center Warsaw, Zajaczka Street Zoliborz Surgery Center -
01-510 Warsaw
11th Zajaczka St.
phone +48 695 383 338
phone +48 22 331-07-32

Plastic Surgery Center Warsaw Marszalkowska Street Srodmiescie Surgery Center -
01-514 Warsaw
84/92nd Marszalkowska St.
phone +48 609 466 112
phone +48 22 621-66-26

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          Polskie Towarzystwo Chirurgii Plastycznej

dojazd do kliniki chirurgii plastycznej
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Our doctors are board certified specialists. Plastic surgery specialists are the members of The Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. They either used to or continue to work in Plastic Surgery Departments and participate actively in European and world congresses. Vast surgical experience together with deep knowledge and skillful use of modern and proven treatment methods are our strong points which attract patients from both Poland and abroad to visit Malia Center.

Specialists in plastic surgery:
Maria Sowa-Molska, MD
Marek Molski, MD, PhD
Stefan Jaworski, MD, PhD
Maria Kociszewska, MD
Halina Berońska-Kulicka, MD
Maciej Kulicki, MD
Sylwia Daniluk, MD
Kamil Pietrasik, MD, PhD
Łukasz Ulatowski, MD
Zbigniew Leo Giedrojć Juraha, MD

Specialists in dermatology:
Maciej Krajewski, MD, PhD
Specialists in vascular and general surgery:
Zbigniew Salamon, MD, PhD

Specialist in laryngology:
Małgorzata Sznajder, MD